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Welcome guys! I'm Butzi, Keynote Speaker, Creativity Coach and Magician.
This is the right place to develop your Creativity and Reconnect with your Inner Child! I wrote 2 books and gave 2 TEDx  on the subject and worked with all kinds of people across the world for years... and then incorporate everything I knew in those online experiences. I'm sure you will enjoy them! 
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Comment Libérer le Pouvoir Caché de Votre Créativité

Le titre de ce cours est assez explicite: il s'agit effectivement d'apprendre enfin la compétence dont tout le monde parle: la créativité. Ou plutôt qu'apprendre,...

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How To Become A Creative Thinker 💡

The title of this course says it all: it is a course to finally learn the skill everyone is talking about: Creativity.   I have...

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Heal Your Inner Child and Bring Back Magic To Your Life

With fun and creativity

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