How To Become A Creative Thinker 💡 by Butzi

How To Become A Creative Thinker 💡

An In-Depth Creativity Course to Grow Genius Ideas

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The title of this course says it all: it is a course to finally learn the skill everyone is talking about: Creativity. 
I have not kept anything for myself: in this class, I'm sharing everything everything I know, I have learned, experienced, observed and taught over the last 7 years as an artist and coach.

" Magician, Speaker,  and Creative catalyst,  Butzi's greatest skill is to awaken the creative genius in you. With his masterful help in this course, in no time you will unleash and express fabulous creativity you didn't know was in you. "

Sonia Choquette -New York Times best selling author of
The Answer is Simple-

You will find 17 lessons  with practical tools, stories, examples and interviews with painters, photographers, clown and improv teachers, composers and entrepreneurs. The tools you find in each lesson will help you save LOTS of time and money on failed experiences, so you can generate ideas worth millions…or worth your happiness to express yourself.  If I can do it, you can do it too!

I am loving the course! Listening, watching videos and going back again to listen again. They are great! Love the personal touch you give in everything you do; you make creativity and imagination accessible to all.

Tamara H. , Course student

I really like it! I am going through some big life changes right now, and I really appreciate that creativity will get me through it.

Leah H. , Course student

What's included?

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Adopt The Right Attitude
1 min
#1 -Creativity Is a Kid's Game 🤓
27 mins
#2 -Stop Thinking So Much! 💬
24 mins
Interlude -Knowledge As a Weapon- 📖
11 mins
#4 -Imagination ✨
30 mins
Understand the Magic of Creativity
#5 -Magical Moments 💥
18 mins
Interlude -Reject the clichés- 👊
7 mins
#6- Using serendipity 😁
27 mins
Embrace CraZYtiVitY
#7- Free yourself from yourself 🤠
16 mins
#8- Nothing Is Impossible 👽
23 mins
#9- Question The Normality Of Things ⁉️
16 mins
#10- Connect The Dots ➿
18 mins
The Connection Exercise.pdf
331 KB
#11- The Crazytivity Brainstorming Technique ♥️
24 mins
Interview on Acting and Creativity with IRA Seidenstein, Master actor, clown and teacher
31 mins
BONUS - How To Find Your Way In The Creative Process
6 mins
From Creativity to Innovation -Real World Tips-
#12- Small Ideas big changes 💡
33 mins
Interlude -Opportunities- 👀
12 mins
#14- Develop Your Ideas 🌱
13 mins
#15- Do it and Fail 🐯
20 mins
#16-Build your own system ⚙️
16 mins
#17-Fly little bird 🕊
10 mins
A Personal Invitation ✉️
1 min
Bonuses: Learn and Watch Some Magic!
Magical Tutorial #1: Guessing Someone's Thought Card 🔮
10 mins
Magical Tutorial #2: Impress Everyone With a Trombone 🎩
5 mins
Butzi's full show at the Magic Castle
24 mins
Recap- All the lessons.pdf
377 KB


How long do we have access to the course?

Lifetime my friend. Lifetime.

Are you teaching some magic?

Not in the class but I do in the free gifts videos you get when purchasing the course!

Is the price per month or is it the full price?

You pay 197 euros once and you have the class for yourself.

What do we learn in the class?

You will learn everything I have learned throughout the last years to be creative in the real world. Practical tools I personally use, examples and exercises! Watch the preview and in doubt, opt-in! If you don't like it, you get your money back...

What if I'm not satisfied?

You get your money back within a month. 30 days to take a honest decision: you like it, great, keep it. You hate it, just tell me why (the truth!) and I give you back the 197 euros.

Is there a community to interact with other students?

YES. It is on Facebook and it is called "The Crazytivity Club"! Come and exchange your ideas there!

What is the aim of this class?

The aim is for you to be able to generate ideas. If you do the exercises and play along, you will become creative. For sure.

Dare To Create The Life You Deserve

Welcome guys! I'm Butzi, Keynote Speaker, Creativity Coach and Magician.
This is the right place to develop your Creativity and Reconnect with your Inner Child! I wrote 2 books and gave 2 TEDx  on the subject and worked with all kinds of people across the world for years... and then incorporate everything I knew in those online experiences. I'm sure you will enjoy them! 
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